Have you already registered for the congress and now planning how to get here? In this article we’re providing basic info about your travel options.



1. To Belgrade Airport Nikola Tesla:

List of Airlines operating direct and non-stop flights to Belgrade:

If you click on the specific airline company you will find exactly where from and when you have a direct and non-stop flights to Belgrade.

2. To Niš Konstantin Veliki airport:

There are currently 4 airlines that offer flights to Niš Konstantin Veliki airport. Wizz Air offers 5 direct flights from: Malmo, Eindhoven, Dortmund, Basel, Memmingen. With Ryanair you can fly from: Berlin - Schonefeld, Milan - Bergamo, Bratislava, Dusseldorf - Weeze and Stockholm. Two Swiss airlines, the national airline SWISS and Germania Flug AG, offer flights from Zurich.

If you fly to Niš, you would need to take the shuttle bus (which is free) to Niš bus station and take the bus to Belgrade, distance is 232 km, return ticket is around 14€ and the ride takes around 3 hours and 20 minutes. You can use this site to book the bus tickets online https://busticket4.me/EN/1243-1213-132-0-0/0-1/Nis-Belgrade




Belgrade is easy to get to by bus. Two international highways (E-75 and E-70) go through Belgrade. Tickets to and from all European cities vary depending on the season. Here is where you can find all the necessary information and schedules https://getbybus.com/en/bus-from-belgrade




You can always use a train to travel to Belgrade, it is probably the most comfortable and the most affordable mean of transport. We would definitely recommend interrail and their site for all the necessary info. https://www.interrail.eu/en/trains-europe/trains-country/trains-serbia