Dunja Jovanović

Dunja Jovanović

Registrations Officer

True students’ organizations lover! That’s how I could describe myself in one sentence :)
Although I graduated, I’m still in love with student congresses and I am more than happy to bring EPSA students to Serbia! I was very active in both local and national associations. My very first EPSA project was Twinnet, but my first congress as an OD was in Helsinki 2016. That’s where I had a vision that NAPSer must organize one of the EPSA events and that it must be very soon. So let’s say my dream came true and I’m sooo happy for that – thank you Smiljka!


My regular week can’t pass with a lot of hours of sleeping - I have more than enough activities but I always want more! So if you ask me to help you with some extra activities, I’m here to help you! Don’t hate me if I don’t answer you on e-mails on the same day, in a exchange for that I can offer you a biiiiiiig smile and huge glass of beer!
Unlike majority of Serbs, I don’t prefer drinking rakija, but beer is more than preferable! Actually, if you’re also beer lover, I can show you some local beer houses (even though I am not originally from Belgrade). So basically you know where to find me on breaks :P (please, don’t tell Smiljka).
I will teach you how to dance folklor – traditional Serbian dance on Serbian night. Probably I will be the first one start dancing, so meet me on the dance flor :D
And yeah, most of the RC will laugh, but I would always defend Niš, my home city, and tell people it is the most beautiful city. But the truth is that whooooole Serbia is very very beautiful and you won’t regret if you apply for PCT also, because you will be able to see some of truly amazing parts of Serbia and you will enjoy every second. I can promise serbian hospitality, kindness and joyful, and I can also promise RC and HC will take care of you, so you can feel like home.
Don’t hesitate to contact me through e-mail or Facebook, I’ll be glad to help you!
Dear EPSA friends, can’t wait to meet you all and make unforgettable moments here in Belgrade!

Huge kiss from Registrations Officer,