Registered in Serbian Business Registers Agency, National Association of Pharmacy Students – Serbia (NAPSer) is a non-profit, nongovernment, non-religious and non-political organization, which represents all pharmacy students in Serbia. NAPSer was founded on the fifth of July 2008, by BPSA – Belgrade and PSANS – Novi Sad. Since then our association has been developing continuously and nowadays represented by five local associations: BPSA Belgrade, PSANS Novi Sad, NiPSA Niš, EUPSA Novi Sad and KgPSA Kragujevac.

As an independent organization NAPSer builds partnerships with national and international partners around specific projects and campaigns. NAPSer is a full member of European Pharmaceutical Students’ Association (EPSA) and International Pharmacy Students’ Federation (IPSF).

NAPSer's goal is to be the national center that represents interests of pharmacy students from Serbia in the country and worldwide. Projects and campaigns organized by NAPSer are public and professional initiatives, based on new tendencies and trends in the pharmacy and health care.

Through projects and campaigns and by connecting Serbian pharmacy students amongst each other and colleagues in the world, NAPSer helps students from Serbia to become competent and relevant health care professionals who are aware of place and importance of pharmacy in health care system and pharmacists as a part of health care team.

Professional development is one of NAPSer’s main fields of interest and engagement. Traditionally our goal is to organize minimum one Patient Counselling Event and one Clinical Skills Event per local organization in one year period. We can proudly say that we are organizing more than 20 Public Health campaigns on various topics! Beside mandatory campaigns, we are especially proud of humanitarian campaigns and our cooperation with organizations such as National Association of Parents of Children with Cancer, National Organization for Rare Diseases etc.

Since 2009, each year NAPSer is conducting a project called Evaluation of Pharmaceutical Curriculum which is based on IPSF's Moving On project. The main aim of the project is to collect, objective opinions of pharmacy students in Serbia on the issues related to their studies, learning process and the quality of the curriculum.

NAPSer is extremely active on the international level. We regularly organize IPSF Student Exchange Programme and EPSA Twinnet Project exchange. As you might know, NAPSer is one of associations which organize the most of Twinnet Projects, and the first one that organized interprofessional Twinnet two years ago! Also, NAPSer organized TNG programme last year for the first time.

We are very proud that we were EPSA Member of the Year three years in a row!

When it comes to social events, one of favorite – Open bar party is organized by each Local association, few times a year! It’s unique opportunity for our students to meet each other in different cities in Serbia and students are likely participating in each of themJ.

NAPSer publishes its own newsletter – PharmAction, twice a year. We write about our activities, future projects and promote national and international congresses, in order to inform all of our students and get them more involved in association. In addition, we organize Motivational weekend for all of our local associations, with soft-skills trainings, social gatherings, team meetings and other activities.

The most important project in NAPSer’s calendar in National congress of pharmacy students. On beautiful mountain of Zlatibor, NAPSer brings more than 300 pharmacy students from all Faculties of Pharmacy in Serbia. Students have the opportunity to hear a lot of interesting lectures from professionals in field of pharmacy. Beside lectures, we organize soft-skills workshops and trainings to complete their knowledge and gain new skills. NAPSer congress in unique opportunity for pharmacy students to meet each other and make lifetime friendships. We are proud that every year representatives from relevant pharmacy institutes in Serbia, such as Ministry of Education, Pharmaceutical chamber, Agency for Medicines and Medical devices Agency of Serbia etc.  come to our congress and support our activities.