About Serbia

Seven million citizens live in a country in the middle of Balkan. Beautiful landscapes filled with colours welcome you to feel the soul of Serbia. We have a „hospitable“ gene, which means that our levels of serotonine rise when our guests feel like home and if you want to feel like Serbian people, there are some things you should know! So, let me take you on a short tour through our customes.

Serbian people like their food and the best food is the one made by our grandmothers! Back in old days, women used to prepare food on a stove heated by wood. This can still be found in villages and that is why children love to visit their grandparents on the country side. „Ćevapi“, „pljeskavica“, „punjena paprika“, „kačamak“, „podvarak“ are some of the famous traditional dishes and grills. You should learn to pronounce them and when in Serbia taste them!

Feel free to try our coffee. You would expect it to be called „serbian coffee“, but when the waiter comes to serve you, ask for „turkish coffee“. It comes with „ratluk“ – jelly-like sweet. We like to make a small ritual drinking our coffee and it is drank surrounded by your friends in beautiful cafes in the city-centres.

On the weekends, spend time with your family and the nature! Picnics are always fun for us and there are many hills and forests you can visit and enjoy the singing of birds, fresh air and of course -  the grill. Spring is the perfect time for this kind of fun.

In the summer, there are many fastivals in all parts of our country. The most famous one can be found in the northern part of Serbia and you may have heard about it, the name of the festival is EXIT. Many world-famous performers come and there are thousands and thousands of people dancing and singing to the music! If you are more into rock music and beer, BEER FEST in Belgrade is the right place to be! Famous serbian rock musicians can be heard on this festival. Trumpet festival in Guča is where you can find orchestras of Serbia’s most played instrument – trumpet! Do not forget to learn how to dance like Serbs, learn „KOLO“ – traditional Serbian dance. We are moving down to southern part of Serbia and it is already in the end of summer holidays. Visit well known jazz festival called Nišville with many stages and over houndred performers. Famous names come and play in the Fortress of Niš on Nišville such is Candy Dulfer, now officially the citizen of Niš!

The summer has ended and Serbia dresses in beautiful clothes for the autumn. If you are lucky to come during Idian summer, you can become professional photographer, since every corner is filled with shades of oragne, red, green. It turns magical and during this period, people make AJVAR – every paprika wishes to become part of it.

When Serbia gets into its white coat, that means it is time to go to the mountains: Zlatibor – where NAPSer congress happens, pharmacy students gather and spend their time learning something new and enjoy parties and other social activities on this gorgeus mountain. Kopaonik is in the southern part of Serbia and people go to feel all the winter’s charms!

Once you arrive to Serbia for the first time, you will want to come back again and again! We are waiting for you!